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‏2012-12-27T04:45:50Z |
I have downloaded and install ISA5 Beta 2 on Linux System(RedHat 6 64 bit).When I am clicking on Stat_isa.sh file on terminal,it is running and closing after starting ISA without any message which port and how to start this in browser.In windows when we run this,we used to get a msg. which link I should open in the bowser.
Can you tell me to check,which link I should access after starting ISA ?

Subhra K Bhakta
Updated on 2012-12-28T17:50:54Z at 2012-12-28T17:50:54Z by subhro79
  • r465t
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    Re: ISA 5 Feedback

    Please locate the log file 'messages.log' in the following folder:

    That file should contain error or warning level messages with some indication of the reason for failed startup.

    Also, I think it is good practice to run start_isa.sh from command line, within a terminal window - so that the window is not automatically closed by the window system when the start_isa process completes.

  • subhro79
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    Re: ISA 5 Feedback

    Thank you very much..I am running ISA5 usining terminal as a command prompt now and it is working fine !!