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‏2012-12-27T04:45:50Z |
I have downloaded and install ISA5 Beta 2 on Linux System(RedHat 6 64 bit).When I am clicking on file on terminal,it is running and closing after starting ISA without any message which port and how to start this in browser.In windows when we run this,we used to get a msg. which link I should open in the bowser.
Can you tell me to check,which link I should access after starting ISA ?

Subhra K Bhakta
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  • r465t
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    Re: ISA 5 Feedback

    Please locate the log file 'messages.log' in the following folder:

    That file should contain error or warning level messages with some indication of the reason for failed startup.

    Also, I think it is good practice to run from command line, within a terminal window - so that the window is not automatically closed by the window system when the start_isa process completes.

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    Re: ISA 5 Feedback

    Thank you very much..I am running ISA5 usining terminal as a command prompt now and it is working fine !!