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Pinned topic Can OSLC Rest API handle queries with placeholders/dynamic filters

‏2012-12-26T18:43:25Z |
I really really need a way to programmatically query ClearQuest for records where a specific field 'contains' a certain value. My only remaining (*) hope of achieving this with ClearQuest's limited API support is to use an existing parameterised query, with a dynamic input filter for which I'm hoping I can provide a dynamic value at runtime.

So, the question is whether the CQ API supports dynamic filter parameters, and if so how to specify them.

  • NB: clearly the 'contains' operator isn't supported by the main OSLC query mechanism (which can only do equals/not equals etc); and using text search doesn't give enough control or the right results, especially with OSLC v2 which doesn't even seem to support using text search in conjunction with a 'where' query, making it largely useless