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Pinned topic How to create multiple virtual drives with webBIOS

‏2012-12-25T19:22:02Z |
I have a X3690 X5 server with ServeRAID M1000 Series Advance Feat Key (46M0832) with 4 IBM 500GB 7200 6Gbps SDS disks, in webBOIS, I have successfully configured RAID-10, and installed Windows 2008 R2 without any issue. (I used 2spans with each has 2 hard disks, have only one virtual drive.)
However, after I install OS and before going further, I have found, there is only one logical drive from Windows, C:\. Since I want to separate OS and application program in different logical drive: I want install OS on C:\ but install some application software on D:\.
I don’t want to use Windows to do disk partition, but want to reach my goal using WebBIOS, but from the process of using WebBIOS, I can’t see any chance I can create a new virtual disk besides the first virtual drive.
Any help is much appreciated.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!
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    Re: How to create multiple virtual drives with webBIOS

    There should be an opporunity in the virtual drive creation in WebBIOS to set the size of the virtual drive. Just don't accept the maximum and instead enter a specific value for the first virtual drive, Accept the VD, then create a second virtual drive with another size, etc..

    You can always just create the first virtual drive at the size you want for the logical disk that Windows will sit on, then from within Windows use the MegaRAID Storage Manager application to manage the remainder of the configuration process, far easier.