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‏2012-12-24T07:02:23Z |
Hello people, how are you?

I need to do a Turbo Integrator process to establish some records to "Declined" status according to a Data Element. If you see the attachment excel file to a better explanation of my lines...

I have a cube with 2 views:

1- In the first view, I can set the records to "Approved" or "Declined", then
2- In the second one, I have an TI process to receive all those "Declined" records...

...until here, everything is good...

...but, in the "Adjustment" view there is one column that identify the records groups (Control), so I need decline too, all those records that have the same "Control" number like those were declined, in this way:

The TI Process must take of "Declined" view the first "Control" number ("1"), by the "CellGetN()" statement and compare it with each record in the "Adjustment" view, line by line, to change in that same view to "Declined" those whom meet the same "Control" number.

Later, this TI Process, must take the following "Control" number of the "Declined" view to compare it in the "Adjustment" view and apply the declined status.

After that, in the "Declined" view, I must see all rejected records, the first ones manually declined and the automatically declined, distinguished with the letter "D" of "Declined". Please see the attachment file to better understanding.

I hope I have explained well.

Thank you for your guidance...