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‏2012-12-24T05:58:44Z |
Hi All,
We have project as a module. And are capturing financial data for the project - and transitioning it through a workflow. The workflow is cyclic - repeats itself for every month - and the data is updated monthly.

In this case, how to capture the details for a particular month? I want to be able to retrieve the data updates for a particular month -> the complete state before it moved to the next month

Please advise. Is there any archival (or) can be achieved by any other means? We are looking at an automated option as there will be many modules.

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    Re: Archiving modules at a particular state

    You might be able to use the Version attribute or Baselines. Both of these saves the values of an element at a point in time, a "snapshot". You can later show the values the element had at that time or compare different versions/baselines with each other.

    The version attribute works on an element by element basis and the snapshots can be created automatically or manually. Baselines work on a view basis, the snapshot is created for all elements in a view at once.