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Pinned topic Can we take backup of "Network Storage device"?

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I have a Network storage device which is used to take the backup for some servers. here my question is that could i take the backup this network storage device to the CDP remote storage (called DR site) using the Tivoli CDP 3.8.1.

I tried to backup this device by first i locally mounted this device as network map drive on the server where Tivoli CDP is installed and define the path "Z" in the CDP console but did't helped.

This Network Storage Device is managed by administration web console and browse it as //x.x.x.x.

Is this Tivoli CDP has the feature for the backup the "Network storage device data" too as locally mount the device with ip map drive?

one more question is that could i take the network drive backup ex. Z,X,Y vice versa using the tivoli CDP if so how to configure that ,where is the option .

Thanks for your response,suggestion and recommendation.
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    Re: Can we take backup of "Network Storage device"?

    CDP is designed to back up files from local storage devices. Backing up files from remote storage is not supported.