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Pinned topic Migrating the cluster 5.4 to Power 7.1

‏2012-12-21T14:20:39Z |
Hi all ,
can some one share me how to migrate the cluster software from cluster 5.4 to Power HA 7.1 ?
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  • pmcwatt
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    Re: Migrating the cluster 5.4 to Power 7.1

    Check the following link for upgrade options - it looks like you will need to upgrade in 2 steps:

    You should then check out the PowerHA Redbooks for details of Rolling, Snapshot, and Offline upgrades.

    I have only ever upgraded from PowerHA 6.1 so can't comment on an gotchas to watch for when going from 5.4
  • bodily
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    Re: Migrating the cluster 5.4 to Power 7.1

    I think you have to be at least 5.4.1, otherwise you'll have to upgrade to either 5.5 or 6.1 first). Then you can upgrade to 7.1. The redbook is good on migrations. I also have a recorded demo of performing a rolling migration to v7.1 It is here:

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    Re: Migrating the cluster 5.4 to Power 7.1


    In case you're using version HACMP 5.4.0, then you would have to first upgrade to HA 5.4.1 with some Service Packs. Follow it up with AIX upgrade or migration , depending on the current AIX level. You would need to be at AIX 6.1 TL6 or AIX 7.1 in case you want to go to PowerHA 7.1.0. If the target PowerHA version is 7.1.1 then you would need AIX 6.1 TL7 or AIX 7.1 TL1 and for PowerHA 7.1.2 the required levels are AIX 6.1 TL8 or AIX 7.1 TL2. Post AIX upgrade you can either choose rolling or snapshot or offline migration paths depending on the maintenance window you have.  You can refer PowerHA 7.1 redbook for the steps