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Pinned topic unable to override the SIP Timer B value in WebSphe 7

‏2012-12-21T07:40:25Z |
Hi All,

we are observing some differences in the WebSphere SIP Application session time out behavior between WAS 7 & WAS 8.

We set the SIPApplicationSession timeout to 1 minute in our code (SipApplicationSession.setExpires(1)). When we deploy our application on WAS 7, the session gets timed out in 30 secs although it is set to 1 minute where as in WAS 8 it works correctly and session expires after 60 secs.

Am wondering if in WAS 7 the SIP Timer B is always set to T1 * 64 (T1 is 500 millisecs) and can't be changed....

Can some one explain more on when the SIP Timers get triggered by the SIP Container ?
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    Re: unable to override the SIP Timer B value in WebSphe 7


    We do know of any difference in the way setExpires work on WAS7 vs. WAS8. If you are experiencing a problem on 7 (session timed out after 30 sec) you should open a PMR to address it.

    Regarding timer B - there is no relation between timer B and the SipApplicationSession timer that is defined in the JSR.
    Timer B controls transaction level timeouts as defined on RFC 3261, while the applicative expiration timer will initiate a session expiration, as defined in JSR 289/116.
    Regardless, the SIP stack timers (like timer B) are using the default values defined on RFC 3261 by default, but these values can be changed on both versions (see infocenter:

    The rules for triggering these SIP stack timers are as defined on RFC 3261.
    The rules for triggering the SAS expiration timer, or application timers can be found on JSR 289 (WAS 8) or JSR 116 (WAS7)