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Pinned topic Migration of WAS 6 to WAS 8

‏2012-12-21T04:59:38Z |

I am having working experience with WebSphere Application Server V5.1 and also V6.
But my requirement in the current project is migration of WAS V6 to V8.

Working knowledge and migration is different so I need the procedure of migration and also the reference manual to follow in order do this successfully

Can you kindly help me with the detail documentation how to start off and work on this?

Thanks Everyone
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  • bpaskin
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    Re: Migration of WAS 6 to WAS 8


    Have a look at this Redbook, especially chapter 15:

    There is also a section in Info Center:

  • StevenSchader
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    Re: Migration of WAS 6 to WAS 8


    Once you have purused the documentation, there are 4 step by step scenarios that help run a migration:

    Migrating, coexisting, and interoperating
    ->Distributed operating systems
    ->How do I migrate, coexist, and interoperate?
    ->Migrating product configurations
    ->Scenario 1: Migrating a cell using the command line tools
    ->Scenario 2: Migrating cells across operating systems using the command-line tools
    ->Scenario 3: Flexible Management: Migrating an administrative agent profile and its registered set of managed base application Servers
    ->Scenario 4: Flexible Management: Migrating a job manager profile and its registered set of servers