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‏2012-12-21T02:00:16Z |

I am having screen recognition criteria issue on Production server. I have tested same logic on SIT server that works for me but same fails on production system. Here is the description of my issue.

The below is text string on SIT Screen

System Main Menu
Maker Main Menu

And this is the test string on production screen

Production Main Menu
Maker Main Menu
Now I have selected "'System Main Menu'" as the optional criteria while "'Maker Main Menu'" as non optional criteria that works for SIT screen but fails on Production.

Meanwhile i have also tried to replicate this issue on SIT screen as setting the "'Production Main Menu'" as optional criteria and "'Maker Main Menu'" as non optional criteria but here macro runs fine.

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    Re: Screen Recognition Issue

    You must have selected other attributes such as cursor position, number of total fields, number of input fields, attribute, global variable etc. in addition to the strings from the screen. If these were the only two criteria you would not be experiencing the problem. Here is the extract from the InfoCenter that describes how to use the Optional attribute:
    If you have both optional recognition criteria and non-optional recognition criteria, HATS checks the non-optional criteria first. If all the non-optional criteria match, the screen matches. If at least one of the non-optional criteria does not match, HATS checks the optional criteria. For a screen to match the criteria, HATS must find all non-optional criteria, or at least one optional criterion. Otherwise, the screen fails to match.

    In your scenario since you have only two criteria one non-optional, Maker Main Menu, and the other optional, and in both systems the non-optional is true, you would always find a match. It is the same as only having the one non-optional string.

    However, if you have other criteria you must follow the rule above.

    Good luck.