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Pinned topic default configuration perspective for all users

‏2012-12-20T16:12:12Z |
Hi ,

Enterprise Applications > ServiceRegistry > Security role to user/group mapping

Changed special subjects to none still i am getting same.

When i Login into the WSRR and add a group to role i still see same a user can also access to configuration perspective ...Do i need to change any settings???


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    Re: default configuration perspective for all users

    Hi Kanni,

    The Configuration perspective is hard coded into WSRR and allows you to configure your registry even when no profile is loaded.

    If you log in to WSRR as an administrator (as configured in the mapping you mention), you will get this perspective. If you log in as another user, you will not.

    Remember to save your settings to the master configuration, and if necessary restart your server.

    Hope this helps, John
    John Duffell, Test, WebSphere Service Registry and Repository