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Pinned topic BI reports using TM1 where the users are from multiple domains

‏2012-12-20T14:56:34Z |
I hoping that you can suggest a solution (or point me to someone else) to an authentication issue for BI reports using TM1 where the users are from multiple domains.

The situation: they have users from multiple domains that have been granted access to BI and to TM1. They have user based security in TM1 so they need to pass through the credentials to TM1 - can't use a single signon. Users can access the TM1 cubes through TM1 web without any issue. The problem occurs when they publish a package to the cube and choose "External Namespace" for the Signon on the Data Source connection. It appears that you can only choose one namespace for the connection - and the preliminary tests prove that. If they log into BI from a domain that is different than the one chosen on the data source connection then they are prompted to logon to that other domain.

I have attempted to add another connection to the Data Source (see attachment), which points to the same TM1 cube but uses a different namespace for the signon, and I expected that BI should just choose the connection where they can actually authenticate against, but it shows the logon page for the namespace used on the last connection.

Thanks in advance. They are using BI 10.1.1 and TM1 9.5.2