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Pinned topic Cross References to Chapters, Figures, and Tables

‏2012-12-20T10:18:18Z |
Hi Dragos,

In our company we intensively use RPE, generating doc’s extracted from of thousands of DOORS objects. We are happy to have this tool – however:

Up to now RPE does not provide a standardized solution to create and maintain cross references. This feature is demanded company internal as well as on our custumers, contractors, certification, and approval interfaces.

Especially on our external interfaces a standard RPE/DOORS solution is mandatory in terms of module exchange and further processing – and clear and easy readability of complex contexts.

Please, let me know whether it is planned or not to realize this feature by IBM and integrate it into the RPE/DOORS environment. If it is planned: when will it be available for use?

Thank you and have a Merry X-mas,

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    Re: Cross References to Chapters, Figures, and Tables

    Hello Chris

    The best way to ensure that IBM is aware of a feature request is to enter it in the RFE community (request for enhancement). Here is a link

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    Re: Cross References to Chapters, Figures, and Tables

    Hey Chris,

    I've seen the RFE you've created. What would greatly help is to see a sample DOORS module ( mockup data) and the sample Word output from it.


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