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‏2012-12-20T08:40:45Z |
Hi dev team,

for a long time, I've been waiting for a replacement for the WebSphere built-in TPV, and so have many engineers.

PTT looks like it could very well be that replacement.

Big thanks to the development team for their efforts sofar!

However, there are some features I would like to see in the product
and that are not in yet. I've been doing a lot of performance tuning in large scale environments during the years
and guess I can say these feature requests come from "real life experience" :-)

Requests, priority based on MoSCoW…

MUST import existing logfiles generated by TPV
MUST select the PMI counters to monitor from the PTT tool.
MUST create custom PMI monitoring profiles to be able to quickly apply these profiles to 1 or more appservers
MUST enable/disable PMI from the PTT tool
MUST manually select which counters to include in the graphical/monitor display and if these should be displayed as graph or text, in the same
screen or a separate tab
MUST manually select which counters to include in the overview display
  • note that the above tewo things is not the same as which counters are actually monitored. I want to be able
for e.g. to monitor all counters and only display jdbc connection pool at the moment, and maybe later add
prepared statement cache size, servlet response time etc.
MUST ability to zoom/in out to e.g. day view, hour view, minute view
COULD display average and min/max in overview
SHOULD display average and min/max in graphical display
SHOULD create standard deviation report for measured data. like so many percent was equal to average, so many percent was twice as slow, etc.
MUST separate the data collection from the gui application. make the data collectors
write a log file that can be loaded into the gui application. reason : at many high-secure
customer sites an engineer want to analyze data at his local workstation. however doing so is not
possible because firewalls block access directly to the was boxes and security guys of course
dont want to change these policies.
COULD ability to compare data from different measurement dates/times to be able to see result from for example
changing a tuning parameter, or the impact of a changed application.
MUST being able to resize the enable trace dialog
COULD specify the color , style , thickness of the lines in graph display

I'm sure I can think of more things in future :-)

Some observations when running the tool

  • when connecting to the soap port of an app server part of a cell it asks me if I want
to connect to all servers in the cell. if I do, I get nothing. I have to connect to the
dmgr soap port to get things working. A bit confusing..

  • had bit of a problem getting the app running, turned out the xulrunner version included in Centod6.3 was not
working and had to switch to different version. changed xulrunner version. then things still did not work. turned out
xulrunner was missing a certain library, being

Generic observations

  • I don't care so much about the ability to enable trace from the tool. For this, the standard was admin console
is good enough for me. Same for the heap dump/thread dump ability. If you include this functionality, you might
as well e.g. include hpel log viewer. And then the question is : where do you stop adding all kinds of functionality ?

  • Same for the tuning parameters. It's nice to be able to do some tuning using this tool, but in real life, you
simply cannot include all tuning params. So then I personally would rather use the was admin console for the tuning,
and solely use PTT for data analysis. But I guess you guys have already had some design discussions about these
matters :-)

  • Right now, a lot is predefined in the "monitor" page. Which is fine but also, things should be customizable in the sense
that existing tabs should be removable, and custom tabs with only the counters you select will be displayed. either in graphical
or text view. But ok, I'm repeating myself since I also stated that in the requirements. To take this a step further
it would be nice if was possible to have something like a "monitoring profile" with predefined layout of tabs. Then one could
have say a set of tabs focussed on jdbc connection tuning, and a set of tabs focussed on request throughput tuning.

Kind regards,

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    Re: Observations and requests - PTT 2.0


    I would like to include the following things:

    Websphere is mispelled in the splash screen

    Deleting collected data often hangas the application

    Tunning memory parameters could be deployed to runtime too