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Pinned topic cleartool: Error: "NT"-type SID is not supported by credmap_server

‏2012-12-20T00:38:01Z |
I have encountered the following error when using cleartool to checkout a file in ClearCase: cleartool: Error: "NT"-type SID is not supported by credmap_server
Checked out "file.mdl" from version "\main\1".

The file does check-out successfully but I do not know what this error means.

When I check the file out through ClearCase Explorer no errors are encountered.

This is the command I am using:
cleartool checkout -unreserved -nmaster -c "printing" -version "file.mdl@@\main\1"

What does this error mean and what are some possible ways to avoid getting this error in the future?

Thank you,

Derek Abeyta
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    Re: cleartool: Error: "NT"-type SID is not supported by credmap_server

    What is happening here is:
    1) Your VOB is on a UNIX server
    2) There are NT SIDs in the VOB database.

    This should never occur, but it did under certain circumstances when credential mapping failed.

    if you run a vob_siddump against this VOB -- from the VOB server host -- you will see the NT SIDs in the dump file. You can use vob_sidwalk to change those SIDs to appropriate unix ID's. You may need to get by running creds on the windows side to get the names.

    You should check the patch level of your client hosts (cleartool lsclient is quite useful in this regard) and whether your Unix/Windows Interop configuration follows current best practices. Particularly making sure that each windows user has a Unix account whose name matches their Windows name.

    Once the SIDs are removed from teh database using vob_sidwalk, updating your clients to the current latest patch set will keep the problem from recurring.

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