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Pinned topic How to balance tasks between alternative resources?

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Forgive me if my Q seems elementary but iam generating tasks to be handeled by alternative resources what im trying to do is to find some way ensure balance between this resources on other way the number of tasks handeled on the alternative resources should be cloth as possible.

any advice ?

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    Re: How to balance tasks between alternative resources?

    First, you can get the number of tasks handled by a given resource Rj by counting the number of present interval variables on the resource. If I assume the execution of a task i on a resource Rj is represented by an interval variable alt[i][j], you can do something like:

    int nbTasks[j in 1..m] = sum(i in 1..n) presenceOf(alt[i][j]);

    Then if you want to balance those numbers between the resources you can minimize the max or the sum of the squares of these numbers for instance or any other measure of deviation (mean deviation, standard deviation). So for instance for the minimization of the sum of squares:

    minimize sum(j in 1..m) pow(nbTasks[j],2);