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Pinned topic Setting up new Rational Development and Test Environment for System z

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We had bought a new setup with license for RD&T. Following are the details ;
IBM Rational Development and Test Environment for System z Authorized User Single
Install for System z License + SW Subscription & Support 12 Months
I have 2 Questions in my mind for this new setup:

1. Can you tell me that only 1 user can use this at a time? OR Different user ID's can also use this if they use the same license?

2. Does the system requires USB activation key? Because we had not received any USB key with this license.

Looking forward for your help.
Shajeel Ahmed Khan
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    Re: Setting up new Rational Development and Test Environment for System z

    1) The license for RD&T is sold per user. Each user accessing the system requires a unique license which cannot be shared except through permanent transfer of the license. Here are the terms from the license you must agree to prior to installation of the product:

    Authorized User Single Install is a unit of measure by which the Program can be licensed. An Authorized User is a unique person who is given access to the Program. An Install is an installed copy of the Program on a physical or virtual disk made available to be executed on a computer. The Program may be installed on any number of computers or servers, but if the Authorized User has accessed or has access to more than one Install of the Program, the Authorized User requires a separate entitlement for each such Install. Licensee must obtain separate, dedicated entitlements for each Authorized User given access to the Program on each Install in any manner directly or indirectly (for example: via a multiplexing program, device, or application server) through any means. An entitlement for an Authorized User is unique to that Authorized User and may not be shared, nor may it be reassigned other than for the permanent transfer of the Authorized User entitlement to another person.

    RD&T also offers a floating user license type which allows sharing between users. There are discounts available to trade between Authorized licensing and Floating licensing.

    2) A USB Hardware key is required to start the RD&T environment. Either (1) the key should have been ordered via the salesmen who sold you the license or (2) you must manually order the USB Hardware key via the Passport Advantage physical media order tool for your account.