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‏2012-12-19T17:11:02Z |
My company has a FileNet implementation. We are evaluating the possibility of leveraging FileNet to replace some other in house developed applications. I have been assigned the suitability study for one of those applications. I am not at all familiar with FileNet and I have started gathering information but I wanted to pose the details here to hopefully gather some expert opinions.

The candidate system for replacement is a business process measurement tool. A particular business unit's process is modeled within the tool and then an inventory item's path is tracked through the process. Many different actions and multiple outcomes are possible in any particular step or state. And multiple actors will participate in those actions. For each action, at least the date and time is recorded. In addition meta data is recorded about the context of the action and the state of the inventory item at that point. As part of the process, key performance indicators are updated. Also there are several SLA's that are defined within the tool that apply to the relationships of the business units using the tool. These relationships are both internal and external. Based on the data collected there are a number of reports produced to show results within the key performance indicators and the unit's adherence to the SLA's defined both individually and as a group. A management dashboard is also updated to reflect those same metrics. The intelligence output from the reports and dashboard are used for resource management, staffing models, and is part of the employee review process and basis for merit awards and salary increases.

There is a perception here among some that because FileNet is a business process management tool and includes workflow management that it would just magically do what the system described above does. As I said I am limited in my FileNet knowledge but my initial perception is that the functionality described above is not what FileNet is designed for. That it doesn't exist for the most part and that we would need to extend FileNet for purpose. I'm not sure how extensible FileNet is but my thought is that even if we could extend it to do what is described above that it wouldn't be ideal.

I hope that I can get some good input here to help me along in my evaluation. At the very least I hope that I can get pointed at information in the context I am looking. Thank You.