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Pinned topic Testing automation (with jython) and eclipse

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(I hope this is the right forum for this)

I've developed a lot of automation scripts in the past using jython, originally on WAS ND 6x but for new methods in 7x. Primarily this has been done using Notepad++ and a locally installed copy of WAS and deployed to Prod later. I'm looking to move to Eclipse for the other benefits that it may bring but can anyone please point me to tutorials about how to connect this remote (or local) servers? I know this is a pretty basic question probably but I've was bashing around at this some time back for a while and didn't quite get it. Is is as simple as parameterising the scripts and just naming my local or remote machine and profiles, apps etc etc?


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    Re: Testing automation (with jython) and eclipse


    You can take a look of:
    - WebSphere Development Tools (, and
    - Rational Application Developer for WebSphere (