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Pinned topic Problem deploying a large application

‏2012-12-19T16:06:19Z |
Hi folks,

I'm experiencing an issue when I attempt to deploy a large application via the worklight console: I attempted to deploy a wlapp file of 83M and got the following error after the upload completed:

Applications half this size still show the same error. In my development environment, I'm able to deploy these files directly from Eclipse (and also from the browser accessing localhost) with a change to the WorklightDB.script located in WorklightServerHome/<PROJECT>/hsqldb: replace occurrences of 16777214 with 167772140.

This modifies the size of a VARCHAR in some sql statements. But I'm not sure how I would do this on the worklight production server that uses DB2.
Also, I was not able to find any documented size limitation for worklight applications, so I would have expected this to "just work".

So my question is: how do I get the worklight console to accept apps of this size?

Any hints are greatly appreciated =)

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    Re: Problem deploying a large application

    I had the same problem when i was using mySql database. In that case, max_allowed_packed property is by default to 1MB. So i had changed it to 64M which solved the issue.
    Not sure about the DB2 property for changing the maximum allowed packet in case of DB2