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Pinned topic IBM JSF Ajax call not happening with Command Button Behavior

‏2012-12-19T14:01:22Z |

I have created an application that basically makes a server side call when input box onBlur event is triggered.
When onBlur event is triggered, i am making a javascript method call.
From the javascript method, i am doing a JSF command button click in the below fashion:
document.getElementById('commandBtnId').click(). This particular command button is a hidden button in my page and
after click is invoked, it should make a server side call and return the response.

This behavior works fine when tested it WAS7 instance(server1) bundled with WebSphere Portal Server v6.1.
But when i deploy my application to WAS, this ajax call doesn't happen. Infact it stops making any server-side call.

Following is the JSP snippet that has this ajax part.

<h:panelGroup styleClass="panelGroup" id="userIdValidationGroup">
<h:panelGroup styleClass="panelGroup" id="successGroup" rendered="#{bb_UserIdInformationVO.userIdValidationfailure }">

<fmt_rt:message key="KeyNotAvailable" bundle="${registrationMsg}"/>

<h:panelGroup styleClass="panelGroup" id="failureGroup"
rendered="#{bb_UserIdInformationVO.userIdValidationSuccess }">

<fmt_rt:message key="KeyAvailable" bundle="${registrationMsg}"/>

<hx:ajaxRefreshSubmit target="userIdValidationGroup" id="ajaxRefreshSubmit1" > </hx:ajaxRefreshSubmit>
<hx:commandExButton type="submit" value="Submit" style="display : none" styleClass="commandExButton" id="validateUserIdButton" action="#{pageCode.checkClientIDAvailability}">
<hx:behavior event="onclick" behaviorAction="get;stop" targetAction="userIdValidationGroup">
Following is the IBM JSF version that i am using
Manifest-Version: 1.0
Ant-Version: Apache Ant 1.8.2
Created-By: IBM Corporation
Specification-Title: Java Server Faces
Implementation-Title: JSF Widget Library (JWL) - Base
Implementation-Version: JWL v3_1_10
Implementation-Vendor: IBM
Build-Version: 20110512_1217
Build-Date: May 12 2011
Copyright-Info: Copyright (c) 2003,2008, International Business Machin
es Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
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    Re: IBM JSF Ajax call not happening with Command Button Behavior

    I am trying to deploy the application to WAS8 and it giving the problem in WAS8
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    Re: IBM JSF Ajax call not happening with Command Button Behavior

    Hello vikash,

    Could you update your JWL library and see if the issue is fixed it? You can use the following technote to update JWL: