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Pinned topic Trending topics

‏2012-12-19T09:17:48Z |
Hello all,

I am using ICA in order to track social networks, and according to my results I am able to annotate 5% of the posts from the social network according
to the objectives set by the client, however, they are interested in knowing what the rest of the posts are about, is there an ICA feature which
enables me to find out the trending topics or hot topics?


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  • bwchang
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    Re: Trending topics

    ‏2012-12-19T19:52:17Z  in response to Dmartinc
    Three possible options for your use out of the box.

    1) Document clustering, which discover top x number of categorization by sampling a subset of documents.

    2) Terms of Interest, which detects relationships between nouns and nearby verbs and adverbs

    3) Parts of Speech, which is generated by default, for you to browse around to see what interesting nouns, verbs, etc., showed up as frequent occurrence.

    • bfoyle
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      Re: Trending topics

      ‏2012-12-20T06:10:55Z  in response to bwchang
      In addition to what Billy describes, I would also look at enabling the sample custom plugin for is very useful for that type of trending over would be able to run it against any of the topics that Billy suggests.

  • Dmartinc
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    Re: Trending topics

    ‏2013-01-02T17:23:32Z  in response to Dmartinc
    When deploying a sample plugin, I follow the steps stated in the REDBook, which are:

    1. Copy the entire contents of the samples/analyticsViewPlugin directory into
    the ES_NODE_ROOT/master_config/searchapp/analytics/plugin directory. If
    the plugin directory does not exist, create one.

    2. In the plugins.xml configuration file, uncomment the definitions for the
    myFirstPlugin sample.

    <?xml version=
    "1.0" ?> <viewPlugins> <!-- Dojo only plug-in sample --> <plugin id=
    "myFirstPlugin" title=
    "Facet Cloud" titleKey=
    "resource.key.myFirstPlugin" activeIconPath=
    "images/facet16.png"> <mainComponent file=
    "myFirstPlugin.js" dojoType=
    "view.myFirstPlugin.myFirstPlugin" facetDimension=
    "1" /> </plugin> <!-- Dojo and flex combination sample --> <!--plugin id=
    "mySecondPlugin" title=
    "My Second Plugin" activeIconPath=
    "images/email16.png"> <mainComponent file=
    "mySecondPlugin.js" dojoType=
    "view.mySecondPlugin.mySecondPlugin" facetDimension=
    "2" /> <flashObject file=
    "mySecondPlugin.swf" bridgeFile=
    "mySecondPluginBridge.js" bridgeName=
    "b_mySecondPlugin" /> </plugin--> < plugin id=
    "TiaraPlugin" title=
    "Tiara Plugin" activeIconPath=
    "images/tiara-icon.png"> <mainComponent file=
    "TiaraPlugin.js" dojoType=
    "view.TiaraPlugin.TiaraPlugin" facetDimension=
    "1" /> <flashObject id=
    "ICATrendChart" file=
    "ICATrendChart.swf"  bridgeFile=
    "ICATrendChart.js" bridgeName=
    "b_ICATrendChart"/> </plugin> </viewPlugins>

    3. Restart the text miner application:

    – I am using WebSphere Application Server, so I enter the following command:
    esadmin config sync , by the way this command is wrong, it is: esadmin configmanager sync ,like in the previous version.

    4. Stop and restart the text miner application ---> what do you mean by stop and restart the next miner application?
    I think I am doing something wrong, because the changes are not deployed. Could you give any advice?


    • aoran
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      Re: Trending topics

      ‏2014-05-19T17:47:29Z  in response to Dmartinc

      Hi David,

      I've followed all the insructions to enable the Tiara sample plugin but it did not work

      After I restarted the miner application the new view simply isn't shown in the miner UI

      Any thoughts?