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Pinned topic Index can not be built

‏2012-12-19T09:09:16Z |
Hello all,

This error is caused because initially I had to uninstall ICA due to Common Communication Layer wasn´t able to be started, so I decided to
uninstall it and then re-install it again. And now, after I have installed ICA an error is showin up which says that collection's index cannot
be built.

So my questions are:

1.- I know that the admin user's password experies after 90 days, might this cause the problem of not starting the Common Communication Layer?

2.- Why cannot the collection's index be built? Might there be a remaining file or something which might cause this error?


  • bwchang
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    Re: Index can not be built

    Whenever the administrative userid's password expires, you must execute the command eschangepw.bat (or for unix) to reset the password before CCL can be started or processes can be started.

    If the system is has multiple servers, then all servers must share the same password and execute this exchangepw.bat command.

    If this still does not resolve your ability to build the index, then you need to open a PMR to seek support assistance.