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‏2012-12-19T08:41:14Z |
We are creating a web service provider in WEBsphere 6.1 which has to be accessed by SAP system and we are facing some issue. We need your help.

Problem Statement:
Till now, we have created Web Service provider with HTTP BAsic authentication and WS-RM. It is working fine using java client. Now when SAP sends request, we can see that WSRM request and response gets generated. After that when Request for Application message actual operation hit comes in, we get the following error:

<faultstring>The action cannot be processed at the receiver. </faultstring>

When we googled it we found that this issue was fixed in WS7 and probably some later feature pack of WS6.1. http://and currently we are using WS6.1.0.33

I have also attached whole request and response xml for your reference.