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Pinned topic TAM/WebSeal/Portal - ImplicitLoginFilter Not Getting Fired

‏2012-12-19T06:44:48Z |
I am using WebSphere Portal version on top of WAS in my project. We are using TAM/WebSeal as security layer in our application. We have developed a EAI web application which is used for authentication and then using WebSeal junction/eTAI we get redirected to portal home page successfully. We have written custom ImplicitLoginFilter and the expectation was it should get fired before portal home page opens once we pass through the WebSeal/TAM security layer. However I found that the custom ImplicitLoginFilter is not getting fired after user gets redirected to portal b WebSeal/TAM. Can someone please help me what is the solution for this? Do we need to install any additional fix pack? Do we need to perform any additional configuration in order to make it happen? This is a showstopper in my application as from ImplicitLoginFilter we are performing many important tasks. Please help.

Note: The custom ImplicitLoginFilter has been properly registered as WP AuthenticatinService in WAS console. We have also written Explicit Login Filter which works fine when we use default portal login page. However since in realtime we have to login to portal via EAI webapplication->WebSeal/TAM we need to make the ImplicitLogin filter working.