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‏2012-12-18T23:26:16Z |
How can I change endpoint url using service registry/BusinessSpace?
I already loaded wsdl documents into the repository, did the classifications, then I realized, need to change the endpoint url, and want to use the same classifications.

any simple idea?
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    Re: Change Endpoint URL from ServiceRegistry

    Generally the endpoint URL is stored in the WSDL file and "shredded" out when you load the WSDL and put into Logical Objects (like the SOAPAddress). You cannot change the values in Logical Objects, so you must upload another WSDL with a different endpoint address if you need to.

    If you delete the original WSDL in WSRR, then load the new one, all the Correlated Objects (such as Service Endpoint) will reconnect themselves to the new WSDL Logical Objects, providing the new WSDL has the same name, namespace and version as the old one.