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Pinned topic Compile errors when building App Center on iOS with 5.0.5

‏2012-12-18T20:45:59Z |
I've just installed 5.0.5 Worklight Studio on Mac, and imported the IBMAppCenter project, but, when I after "Build All and Deploy" and then Run As... "XCode Project", it deploys into my local XCode 4.5.2 environment, but, it has many compilation/build errors when trying to build the archive. I've done copy/paste below for the first few ones below (not sure the best method to dump these out into this post from XCode):

/Users/davidwelch/Documents/Worklight/workspace/IBMAppCenter/apps/AppCenter/iphone/native/WorklightSDK/include/MainViewController.h:35:9: 'Cordova/CDVViewController.h' file not found
/Users/davidwelch/Documents/Worklight/workspace/IBMAppCenter/apps/AppCenter/iphone/native/Classes/CDVMainViewController.m:14:9: In file included from /Users/davidwelch/Documents/Worklight/workspace/IBMAppCenter/apps/AppCenter/iphone/native/Classes/CDVMainViewController.m:14:
/Users/davidwelch/Documents/Worklight/workspace/IBMAppCenter/apps/AppCenter/iphone/native/Classes/CDVMainViewController.h:15:9: In file included from /Users/davidwelch/Documents/Worklight/workspace/IBMAppCenter/apps/AppCenter/iphone/native/Classes/CDVMainViewController.h:15:
/Users/davidwelch/Documents/Worklight/workspace/IBMAppCenter/apps/AppCenter/iphone/native/Classes/CDVMainViewController.m:16:17: Incomplete implementation
/Users/davidwelch/Documents/Worklight/workspace/IBMAppCenter/apps/AppCenter/iphone/native/Classes/CDVMainViewController.m:16:17: Method 'pathForResource:' in protocol not implemented

I am NOT an XCode developer, but, would think that it should build a working XCode project. I don't see how to resolve these issues, suggestions? I've done the Build/Run steps a few times from Worklight Studio, but, no change is being shown in Xcode. This is the first attempt (and install) of Worklight Studio on this machine.

Fyi, I did a successful build of the Android App Center from the same Worklight Studio.

I assume that we cannot deploy into iOS without App Center app, and, that the app must go through the Apple approval process before users can deploy native apps. I'm sure I'm missing something here, but, it seems that this app would be deployed (by IBM) in the Apple Store already, and, we'd just download and plug in the location of our Worklight instance after installing it on the device. We do have a business/organization Apple account, is the only method to go thru the standard approval method for production use?

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    Re: Compile errors when building App Center on iOS with 5.0.5

    ‏2013-01-07T14:46:32Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    Can you please check that you are using the 5.0.5 Worklight eclipse plugin and not an older version.

    Note that the Application Center Mobile client for iOs does not need to go through Apple approval process. The approval process is only for public application. For private usage within your company, you will only need to build and sign the application with you iOS enterprise profile.

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      Re: Compile errors when building App Center on iOS with 5.0.5

      ‏2013-01-07T22:37:01Z  in response to Tissandier
      Thanks, Emmanuel.

      The version I'm using is WL5.0.5, using Indigo, I using the AppCenter the code from the server apps/AppCenter/iphone source.

      Regarding, the licensing, we will use the Enterprise license to sign (when it compiles). But, it just seems that, since the app allows you to select the target server, it could already be deployed into the iOS App Store, and, you'd be off an running without having to do the build (if possible) yourself.