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I sure hope someone can help me with this one. I posted this on DB2 forum:

My org has moved to Windows 7. Last week I got my new machine that was imaged in India. All they did was take my profile and move it to a new machine. When they loaded IBM DB2, the prior version was 8.1.11 and they installed the new DB2 Admin Client 9.7.301.326

The install of the new did not work because what happened is I have 2 folders in my all programs. 1 is IBM DB2 that is 8.1.11 with the utilities that begin with the configuratin assistant. The 2nd is IBM DB2 with a subfolder saying IBM DB2(defaultcopy1) and the utilities under that which begin with configuratin assistant.

My desktop support has done everything. Uninstalled in programs/features, done something in the cmd prompt with some codes of db2unins-f or -p or -u and there remain in my program/features this ghost file of IBM Data Server Client - DB2Copy1 they cannot uninstall by any means.

Anyone have any ideas? The are not able to push the package 9.7.301.326 back through. I found in our AVS exception list for Windows 7 that the old versions have to be uninstalled prior to installing the new. Our India team was not given these instructions. They just upgraded to the new DB2 as they do with most software stuff. I am also having the same issues with Teradata. Same sort of scenario but will deal with that later.

I guess the person who responded did not read where I put in anyone have any ideas? because all I got was a smartA remark of: And your questions is? It does not work is not a valid problem statement.

got to love IT folks that read someones issues and asks for ideas and then respond with stuff like that. I just hate it. I am a SAS developer and I go the extra mile to help anyone that needs help but I would never be a smartA like that to them. To me it just frustrates me and the end user and this DB2 forum person did just that so I am asking here now for help. I just need ideas on what could be the issue as I stated in my original question: anyone have any ideas?
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    Re: DB2 Ghost

    Just told my husband about it this issue and he said you might have to have the machine reimaged. I am like no way