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Pinned topic Blank Weblogic SOAP Messages?

‏2012-12-18T15:47:09Z |
We have a situation where when our WebLogic environment makes a web service call through a DataPower Web Service Proxy (or an MPG set to XML or SOAP requests), we get a blank document. Not only that, it seems to be making a GET request. Stranger still, it makes a GET request for the service, followed by a GET request for the wsdl.

When the WebLogic environment makes the service call directly to the web service, all seems to be fine.

We have done the following:

1) Debug Probe tested on WSP and then an MPG - We see both requests "xxx/service" and "xxx/service?wsdl", no message body on service request
2) XML File Capture on both configured services - No file captured ( meaning it isn't sending one, right? )
3) Network Packet Capture: We see the GET request of "xxx/service" with NO message boxy, and then the GET against "xxx/service?wsdl"

When making the same request through SoapUI, everything is OK.

Of course, now they are questioning me and DataPower and wondering why DataPower is stripping off the message body. So, what I want to know is, if there is no message content in the packet capture, and, I clearly see that it is receiving a GET request... isn't this proof enough?

The second question is, why the heck does WebLogic send the message correctly when sent directly to the service (probably a question for a WebLogic forum), but not when through DataPower?
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    Re: Blank Weblogic SOAP Messages?

    Solved. There was some kind of misconfiguration within the WebLogic server that had it always sending a GET.