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‏2012-12-18T14:01:15Z |
I have to make a cluster which mixes up 3.3 and 3.4 releases. This is because of constraints on the TSM HSM client that we have in use now. In particular the releases that must coexist are 3.4.0-17 and 3.3.0-19.
The filesystem version is
-V 12.10 ( File system version
--fastea yes Fast external attributes enabled?

I'm wondering, will the nodes 3.3.0-19 be able to cope with this filesystem (and fast extended attributes) when I will insert them into the cluster? Ot there will be any incompatibility?

Thanks a lot!
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    Re: compatibility between different versions

    The 3.3 nodes will not be able to mount the filesystem since it is a later version with new on-disk structures.