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Pinned topic Can Appscan Parse SGML?

‏2012-12-18T13:38:25Z |
We are testing a RESTful web service that passes OFX transactions in the body of the request. We have coded to the OFX 1.0.3, and the transactions are passed as SGML. Can Appscan SE 8.5 correctly parse the body of the requests to correctly identify the data elements?

(Haven't gotten a chance to try yet, as we are having some other technical issues unrelated to Appscan.)

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    Re: Can Appscan Parse SGML?

    Hi Ed,

    I'd need to see a sample POST body to say for sure, but as long as it isn't encrypted somehow you should be able to construct a custom parameter with name and value groups to pull out anything you need (assuming the params/values aren't found out of the box)