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Pinned topic Error: "Page size too small"

‏2012-12-17T17:48:56Z |
Using WTX version 8.3, I am trying to validate the input by using just one card but I am getting "Page size too small" error. I am still new to this tool and not sure what is the cause. Is it possible that the base schema TXLife2.8.92.xsd is referencing other two included schemas (XMLife2.8.92.xsd & CSC_Tables.xsd ) ?

Please find attachement for my Test.

Appreciate any help ! Also, the xml is validated against the schemas in XMLSPY.


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    Re: Error: "Page size too small"

    With some further investigation, I found out it is due to the complexity of my type tree.

    Based on the IBM documentation, The solution is to inrease the page size or decrease the number of types in the type tree that are used to define the input.

    So I increase the page size from default 64 to 1024 under map setting -> workspace.

    Then it works.