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Pinned topic WebSphere HTTP5-00 while copying 10 GB file

‏2012-12-17T16:19:22Z |

We have iPlanet web server which sits before WebSphere portal 6.1 cluster (2) deployed in Linux machines.

When user tries to copy a 10 GB file across file systems (NFS mounted), we are using java run time to copy the file across to a different NFS mount, hoping that it would be faster than using any other java libraries.

proc = rt.exec("cp " + fileName + " " + outFileName);

Application deployed is a JSF portlet application.
a) session timeout is 60 mins on the app server and the application
b) we have an Ajax call from the client page to keep the session alive

User receives HTTP 500 within 3 minutes, while our logs show that file is still copying. Not sure why WebSphere is sending HTTP 500
After 10 minutes are so file is copied, and when he clicks on refresh he can proceed.

Not sure what is causing this HTTP 500. Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you