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Pinned topic 403 and 404 Error on Worklight 5.0 CE Server

‏2012-12-17T14:27:02Z |
I created an application and executed on a local host. I get 403 Forbidden Error. (Worklight 5.0)
POST http://localhost:8080/apps/services/api/DollyTutor/common/init 403 (Forbidden) base.js:883
window.WLJSX.Ajax.Request.WLJSX.Class.create.request base.js:883
window.WLJSX.Ajax.Request.WLJSX.Class.create.initialize base.js:850
(anonymous function) base.js:795
klass base.js:325
window.WLJSX.Ajax.WLRequest.WLJSX.Class.create.sendRequest worklight.js:1145
window.WLJSX.Ajax.WLRequest.WLJSX.Class.create.initialize worklight.js:1109
klass base.js:325
sendInitRequest wlclient.js:1631
connect wlclient.js:1643
init wlclient.js:1302
tBut when I deploy the .wlapp on Worklight Consumer Edition 5.0 I get 404 Not Found error. Not sure what is the problem. I am using a Liberty Profile that comes along with CE edition.