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‏2012-12-17T07:56:48Z |
Hi there,

is it possible to override multiplicities derived from BaseObject in derived objects ? In this case, I want to make the version property of CapabilityVersion mandatory as opposed to being "optional" in BaseObject.

But adding a "version" property to CapabilityVersion doesn't do the job.

any idea ?

thx Nick
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    Re: Overriding multiplicities

    Properties on the BaseObject are not strictly business model properties, and as such cannot be overridden.

    If you want to make it mandatory, I recommend writing a Governance Policy Validator policy/rule to enforce that it must be set, and you can also enforce it should follow a Regular Expression.

    You'd want a NotNullConstraint or ValueConstraint for the version property.

    Something like this:

    <wsrrgp:PropertyAssertion wsrrgp:propertyName="version">