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‏2012-12-17T07:42:44Z |
Please correct me if I am wrong about the following assumptions and conclusion.

We have a large Enterprise with multiple data centers and solution domains including wireless, network, financial, marketing and corporate.

We have a large IBM Presence with WebSphere and the majority of the applications developed in Java.

We have a few domains with very high transaction volumes (where the MessageBroker was originally deployed)

While we have employed MessageBroker and DataPower already, I do not see those two products filling our needs for an Enterprise SOA by themselves. I have read in the IBM SOA Foundation that within the IBM ESB family the DataPower, Message Broker and WebSphere ESB family can all be considered an "ESB".

What I envision is a "Federated ESB" with IBM WebSphere ESB RR at the top, and each Domain having their own ESB.

The Domain ESB's "Could" be a combination of products including WebSphere ESB, DataPower for Application Firewall and MessageBroker to "Wrap" existing services for resuse.

BPM would be done either in the ESB or in a Process Server.

I know there are some newer product versions and some name changes, but I wanted to stay with the 7.5 names for simplicity.

If the 8.0 versions impact the above design I need to know that.

Of course Tivoli, Cognos and Rational all have roles to play in the Enterprise.