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Pinned topic Invoice Status change by MIF gives BMXAA2015E exception

‏2012-12-17T04:02:23Z |
Hi All,

Invoice status change by MIF gives the following exception.

BMXAA2013E - Could not change invoice 166315 status to PAID.
BMXAA2015E - The new status change date cannot be before the last status change date.

1) Invoices are eligible to get PAID, as they're already approved.
2) Out of 35 invoices, 27 are successfully updated to PAID, where as 7 messages failed to update, and return the above soap fault.
3) Failed messages are successfully updating the status to PAID when they're re-played.

I couldn't find much help online. Your thoughts on this will help us in identifying the issue.

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    Re: Invoice Status change by MIF gives BMXAA2015E exception

    If your 27 records get updated succesfully and the rest 7 are getting error then there may be some data integrity issue...just check if there is one...You can also set the logger for MIF to debug in which record it is getting the first error...