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Pinned topic Log Target Working only at debug level

‏2012-12-16T07:55:45Z |

I have configured AAA action and in 'Main Page' I have set the 'Log Allowed Level' and 'Log Rejected level' at 'notice' . I have configured Log target to listen to this by setting an 'Event Subscription' with event category as aaa and 'Minimum Priority Event' as 'notice'. I don't see that the failures or success attempts are logged. Then I changed 'Log Allowed', 'Log Rejected' levels to debut and changed the 'Minimum priority event' in log target to 'debut' . It started working.... I expected that my case 1 would work but not.. got to change the log level.

Also, I tried to setup a filter using 'AAA Policy' but, it is not working. I have selected 'AAA Policy' and gave the name of the AAA I am using, then no logs are logged. I couldn't identify my mistake.

Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong ...

Thank you.