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Pinned topic Bypass particular label during merging

‏2012-12-15T11:17:56Z |
Hi All,
I am working on two different branches for example branch#1 and branch#2. There are different labels A,B,C,D,E, and F available on branch#2 ordered in oldest to newest order. I want to merge all these labels except label#B from branch#2 to branch#1. In label#B more than 10-12 files has been changed. When i try to merge label#C skipping the unwanted one i.e label#B, clearcase tries to merge all of these 10-12 files that has been changed in label#B. Is there way to bypass label#B so that clearcase doesn't consider the changed files in label#B while merging the label#C from branch#2 to branch#1?
any ideas/suggestions would be highly appreciated to resolve this issue
Best Regards