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‏2012-12-14T21:22:34Z |
Hello All,

I know that for CCRC there is a cleartool rlogin command to be able to log into ClearCase but how do I accomplish this for the thick client (ver 7.1.2)?

I'd like to create a batch script and put it on a Windows server to log into CC and access an existing Dynamic View.

Am I overthinking this?

Any help would be appreciated.

  • martina
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    Re: Login to CC from a script

    yes, you are overthinking. The thick client authenticases via the OS. So just the fact that you are able to logon to the box where the thick client is installed give you access.
    Just stick cleartool commands into your script and it works.

    Now you are saying windows and batch script. What do you plan to schedule this with? The user the batch runs under is the user that CC will run under. I do remember using some sort of sudo at some point, but the memory is fuzzy.
    In any case, the batch process may or may not see the mapped drives you see when you logon interactively. You will have to run a few tests there. It all depends on win flavor and corporate settings and what I did was a loooong time ago, in a world less security conscious (or is that crazy).


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    Re: Login to CC from a script

    Thanks for the information Martina.

    I was trying to setup a batch script to run from the task scheduler periodically on a server to copy files & folders from a particular View to another location on the network so that people who did not have and did not want to get access to CC could see the latest. It turned out to be easy. I was surprised and confused why it works since the ID running the scheduled task is not the owner of that View.

    If you're interested all I had to do was:

    cleartool startview <view tag>
    xcopy m:\<viewtag>\...... <target location> /s /y /q

    or something like that.

    In addition anyone who wants to and has access to where the script is can run it whenever they want to.