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‏2012-12-14T16:44:36Z |
Is there a different site that contains the tasks/fixlets/content for SUA v2? If so, how do we obtain it?

And just an FYI, the documentation for SUA needs some serious work. The instructions for installing SUA v2 refer to a test site (IBM Software Inventory Test). How did that get past QA?
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    Re: SUA v2 Scanners/Content

    I guess I'll reply to my own post. The new site "ibmsoftwareinventory" appeared in the License dashboard... not sure if I just overlooked it before or other sorcery was involved. Anyway, now that I've enabled the site, installed the scanner, and performed a small import, I must say that this version shows a lot of promise. Whoever was responsible for (finally) linking web reports users and restricting user views to computer groups, THANK YOU.

    I also see that most of the calls are REST/AJAX/JSON-based (including user and group management), hopefully the calls will be detailed in the API docs whenever they become available :)