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Pinned topic Insert command firing gives Unsupported feature

‏2012-12-14T14:39:55Z |

I've been trying to use insert command from SQL Call builder. The data that needs to be added as XML tags, but I'm giving it as string. Everytime I try to fire the query, I get an error which says:

The error message returned was: "Error in method dataEditorServiceCreateDataOPGotoOperation. Error in method dataEditorServiceCreateDataOP_ShowResults. Error in method createDataOPExecute. Error in method createDataInvoke. Error in method createDataInvokeBase. Unsupported feature".

The query runs fine when fired on SQL Developer.

insert into sim_instance(Tag,sim_Key,App_ID,Request,Response,Created_by,created_Date,Sys_Name,Serv_Name,Sys_Ver) Select 'ST',sim_Key,App_ID,Request,Response,Created_by,created_Date,Sys_Name,Serv_Name,Sys_Ver from sim_master where sim_key IN ('CAP_emGetTicket_v10.4_<UserID>oct12capusr1</UserID>_<TicketNum>152843940</TicketNum>','CAP_emGetTicket_v10.4_<UserID>oct12capusr1</UserID>_<TicketNum>131252233</TicketNum>');
P.S.: CreateDataOP - Service Operation

Any help?