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Pinned topic Issues with xcodeproj files in WL 5.0.5

‏2012-12-14T12:04:56Z |

I'm experiencing some issues with xcodeproj files inside my version control tool since upgrading to Worklight 5.0.5.

I am finding that the files, which have been added to a project as part of an iOS environment, don't seem to be able to successfully be checked in.

I am using Rational Team Concert for version control, which detects a new .xcodeproj file when an environment is created. This .xcodeproj file (really a directory) may also contain subdirectories and files which are also detected. However, upon a check in I get told that these files don't exist in the filesystem, even though they actually do.

Has something changed in WL 5.0.5 in terms of how these files are initially created? This used to work in version 5.0.3.
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    Re: Issues with xcodeproj files in WL 5.0.5

    I recall having similar problem when file path names were too long.
    At Worklight we use RTC for source control and everything works as expected.