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Pinned topic GPFS 3.5 - File Placement Optimizer?

‏2012-12-14T08:32:43Z |
in announcement "IBM GPFS V3.5 introduces File Placement Optimizer for Linux " ( is not a lot of technical details and documentation.
Do anybody have more technical information about this new feature in GPFS? Where is it going to be covered in Documentation?
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    Re: GPFS 3.5 - File Placement Optimizer?

    A clue is the passage: " This class of applications is massively parallel and well suited for programming frameworks such as MapReduce that allow users to do large-scale data analysis where the application execution layer handles the system architecture, data partitioning, and task scheduling ..."

    Which means you can now build a Hadoop-like "shared nothing" big-data cluster with GPFS as the file system - so you potentially get the best of Hadoop and GPFS, together, and with IBM support.