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Pinned topic Single lifecycle for SLD and service version

‏2012-12-14T07:19:04Z |
Sorry, too many questions here.

One of the IBM recommendationsm for simplifying GEP is to actually closely associate service versions so that

  • there is a one-to-one relationship between an SLD (quality of service) and a service version
  • an SLD is automatically created when a service version is created
  • both SLD and service version are governed within a single lifeccyle.

The 3rd item is giving me trouble, how can it be configured that an SLD is actually treated as an "add on" to a service version so that all state changes for the service version automatically apply to the SLD.

thx Nick
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  • MarkSTaylor
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    Re: Single lifecycle for SLD and service version

    ‏2012-12-14T16:35:52Z  in response to NickLaqua
    Hello Nick,

    The only reason that the SLD and Service Version are not governed within a single life cycle when using the default GEP is because the configurable modifier automatically places SLDs into the SLD life cycle as soon as they are created.

    When you govern an entity, related entities will typically be included in the same governed collection unless they are already governed as part of another governed collection. See this Infocenter page for reference on governed collections:

    In the default GEP model, there is already a relationship from the Service Version directly to the SLD. Therefore, all you need to do is alter the configurable modifier configuration to stop it automatically governing SLDs when they are created. The configurable modifier documentation starts here:

    Kind regards,