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‏2012-12-14T05:14:41Z |
I am facing the below problem with RDz.

1. Normally we will get JESMSGLG, JESJCL, JESYSMSG in the spool if the job error with JCLERROR in TSO seesion.
In RDz JES result is showing the some 5 to 6 results which is having name as ':' when submitted job got error
2. How do I edit hexadecimal value in dataset? When I open such kind of dataset it is warning me.
3. How do we identify the user if he/she locks the particular dataset by using RDz?

Could you help me in resolving the above problems in RDz?
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    Re: Problems with RDz

    2.LPEX - context menu Source then Hex edit line
    COBOL editor - bottom of the editor
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    Re: Problems with RDz

    3- in RDz (RSE) highlight the member or dataset and look in the properties view. The properties view will display a property with the user name of the lock holder. There is also an operator command on the mainframe to show the user holding the lock.

    Note: In order for the user name to be displayed correctly, the RDz lock daemon has to be configured properly on the mainframe.