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Pinned topic Info needed on Datastage export XML Files

‏2012-12-14T02:49:27Z |
We are working on creating tools (script based) to generate Datastage jobs. For this we are trying to understand the XML files generated by exporting datastage jobs. For most of the XML nodes created we are not able to relate it with the parameter/properties in the Datastage job. Are there any guideline document available to understand the Datastage export XML files? Here are some example XML nodes we are trying to identify the meaning.

  <Property Name="ReservedWordCheck">1</Property>
  <Property Name="TransactionSize">0</Property>
  <Property Name="ValidationStatus">0</Property>
  <Property Name="Uploadable">0</Property>
  <Property Name="PgmCustomizationFlag">0</Property>
  <Property Name="JobReportFlag">0</Property>

Any help that you can provide would be of very much helpful in accelerating our project.