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Pinned topic DataPower WS-Proxy with WebSphere MQ that responds with binary data

‏2012-12-13T23:50:25Z |
Hi Everybody,

I have a WS proxy on datapower that has a HTTPS front side handler, and communicates with WebSphere MQ backend. Also my WS proxy has a transport binding policy attached to it.

I configured the response on datapower to not validate the response message, and I put the response type as non-xml.

So the problem is that when the binary response comes from MQ server, datapower takes it and tries to execute a transform action that uses identity.xsl, just before my response rule, and it fails. This is an internal implied action that is being used when a policy is attached to the WS proxy.

The error is as follows:
implied action
xform: 'Transforming INPUT with store:///identity.xsl results stored in
__PREPARSE_0' failed: illegal character 'W' at offset 0 of https://10.
So what can I do to make datapower happy ?
(I can not use transform binary action here, because I don't have a control over the transform action. The call to the transform action with identity.xsl is being called internally by datapower.)

Also I just want to mention that if I dont have transport binding policy attached to WS proxy, then the transaction works fine, and I am able to get the binary data from backend and transform it to SOAP.
The problem is when Transport binding policy is attached to the WS proxy.
(I also attached the error in probe, when it tries to call identity.xsl )

Any help would be greatly appreciated.