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Pinned topic Combined HATS/WebFacing project error - user with limited capabilities

‏2012-12-13T15:52:29Z |
I WebFaced all my screens except the menus. I then created a combined HATS/WebFacing project. WebFacing is calling a non-WebFaced menu and sees a HATS screen transformation. Instead of the menu that shows various numbered options I have modified the screen to use filtering select (Dojo) widgets. When the user selects one of the list items from the widget they are getting the following error. . . "Command CALL in library *LIBL not allowed" because the list item is calling a program. I believe this error is caused by the user profile specifying limited capability. (The user with limited capabilities cannot execute the CALL command in HATS but WebFacing allows a user with limited capabilities). Is there a work around that I can do so I do not have to change the user profile to "Do Not Limit" or "Limit some capabilities"? The HATS/WebFacing user profile initial program is QSYS/QQFINVOKER. My installed release is
V7R1M0 HATS Version