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Pinned topic How to upgrade array with new, larger drives

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I have an IBM x3400 model 7976 with 8k RAID controller. This has 2 x 73GB SAS 15k Hot-Swap drives in RAID 1 for the C drive. I want to increase this to 146GB using 2 x 146GB SAS 15k Hot-Swap drives.

The IBM RAID support page says if you want to upgrade the array with new, larger drives, you can replace the physical drives in the array as follows.

1.Replace the physical drive in the server or enclosure with a larger physical drive.
2.Wait for the rebuild to complete.
3.Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have replaced all the smaller physical drives in the array.


My question

If I replace the 2 x 74GB drives with 2 x 146GB drives by following the instructions above, will the new drives automatically expand to use the full capacity of the new drives, or will I have to use the ServeRAID™ Manager to expand them manually?

I know many people who try to increase the capacity of their RAID fit larger drives and then wait for the RAID to rebuild as per the above instructions only to end up seeing a larger size disk (e.g. 146GB) with the original size volume (e.g. 74GB).

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,

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    Re: How to upgrade array with new, larger drives


    It is expected that the original logical disk and volume size remain the same. Upgrading the physical disks is just the first step, which will allow you to expand both the logical disk and eventually the volume/partition size within the OS. It is a layered approach, much as your current system is (physical - logical - OS).

    1. Upgrade physical drives (the process you're aware of)
    2. Increase logical drive space (using ServeRAID Manager)
    3. Increase volume/partition size in the OS (using Windows disk management)

    Hope this helps.